Justine has been an animal lover since she could crawl.  Growing up she rescued orphaned and /or injured animals from birds to raccoons and always had rabbits.  Dogs were always a love but she was not allowed to have one at home so instead she cared for, walked and taught tricks to neighbours and friends dogs and enjoyed visiting and spending time with her uncles Boxers.


As soon as she was an adult she moved out and got a pup of her own and started on the path of dog training.  Shortly after getting Axle, a Cao Fila de Sao Miguel (Saint Miguel/Azores Cattle Dog) she took a training course with Protection K9 Services to gain further knowledge and a  certification.  Axle to this day has been one of the best teachers for her being a very challenging dog, especially for a first dog (this breed really should not be for first time owners!), but she knew that she wanted to work with difficult dogs and knew she needed the challenge of raising a more challenging dog.  Axle turned out to be a very dominant, high energy boy with a strong guard as well as very strong herding instinct, just as he was bred to have.  He has gotten over his intense desire to chase cars/bikes/skateboards and is a very obedient and happy guy but his personality requires consistent rules even at 10 years of age.  

About Justine

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Volunteering  at the Barrie SPCA for many years also gained her a lot of experience helping walk, train and foster the difficult dogs as well as post op and pregnant dogs.

Justine has always run a small private rescue, not just dogs, but parrots and farm animals as well.  In the near future she plans to have a full non profit sanctuary up and running to be able to help more unwanted animals.

The business started off with dog walking specializing in 'difficult' dogs and private training sessions and has evolved to include everything it offers today.

Justine strives to always be open minded and ready to learn something new to be able to best help ANY dog that comes her way.  She works hard to fit in continuing education seminars with different respected trainers in the industry every year, such as Tyler Muto's Conversational Leashwork and Ted Efthymiadis' Aggression Techniques which are the two she feels she learned the most from.

She regularly has discussions on dogs with many colleagues and meets up with other trainers in person as much as possible to work dogs and bounce ideas off each other.


Her passion may have started as animal rescue but has evolved to more than that, it's become a lot about helping as many struggling dogs and their OWNERS as possible!