Got Questions? 





We’ve got some answers for you!

1.  Can you really ‘teach an old dog new tricks’?

YES!  We can help dogs of any age.  The only difference is the longer a dog has been living with anxiety, aggression or other bad habits, the longer it takes (more repetition and calming exercises) to see the results.


2.  If my dog goes for board and train, what will their daily schedule be like?  How much exercise, how much training?

Every dog that boards with us gets a minimum of 3, 15-30 min walks/plays per day plus a bedtime bathroom outing.  There normal daily routine/walks include teaching &/or practicing manners (leash, doorways etc) as well.

Training sessions are in addition to that and vary in length and therefore in amount.  Depending on the dog, they may do best with multiple10/15 min sessions/day or they may do well with a couple 20-40 min sessions/day.  There are also days as they progress through training where they come with us on excursions to town or to other client training sessions, so they are working intermittently for a few hours or more. 


3.  Why a crate and not a kennel run where they’d have more space?

With crate training we are able to promote calmness much easier as they can’t pace or jump and get worked up.  If you’ve ever visited a typical kennel or shelter, it’s usually a very loud and high stress place which is not good for the dogs or the people!  We strive to keep a very calm space which helps greatly when we do bring in a dog that struggles with anxiety, the start times are staggered so that the dog has time to settle and get into the routine with many of our dogs or clients dogs that are further along in the process helping by staying calm in their crates and being good examples rather than joining in whining/barking.

Some dogs are capable of being calm with more space and by summer 2017 we will have this option available for those dogs!


4.  Do I need to provide their crate?  

No, we have many of different sizes here and only use higher quality sturdy crates.  Dogs that are going through crate training or that have aggression issues will have a custom steel, inescapable crate.


5.  Do I need to provide them with bowls, toys, leash?  

No, we have lots of stainless steel bowls (most sanitary), always having new toys of different kinds so we can play the way they like and we prefer to use our leather leashes when we’re training.


6.  Will my dog think I’m abandoning him or forget about me?  

NO!  Luckily dogs work differently than we do.  They do not dwell on the past (which is why we can help them out of fears) the way we humans tend to.  They live in the now so we introduce them to a new space, new smells and a routine that provides them with their daily needs and they quickly become happy with that but that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten who you are.  When they come home they are overjoyed to see you, you are still their people and we’ve just become part of their extended pack that they’re always super excited to visit again.


7.  I live pretty far from you, can you still help?  

YES!  We have clients all over the GTA as well as Muskoka and Sudbury.  There are ways that we are able to make this work we just need to discuss all the options so shoot us an email.


8.  Is there a guarantee on the training?  We never guarantee that a dog will never act up or bite again because 1, they’re animals with their own minds and 2, we cannot control whether you are going to follow through with the program we’ve laid out for you.  What we DO provide, is LIFETIME SUPPORT!  Unlike many training companies, we are here to help you succeed through the life of your dog.  Our lives change, we move, have children, get divorced etc, all of these things that happen and affect how we feel and how much time we have also affects our dogs.  All you need to do is communicate with us when you have questions or concerns or need to talk or have a session.

You will notice there are many things included in our various training programs, like 50% off group classes, access to regular boarding, training equipment, homework and reminders, private training sessions and more.  


Still have questions?  Email us!- if you prefer to chat on the phone, please still shoot us an email saying that you would like to book a phone consult time.