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Congratulations to Gilligan on finding his forever home!

Congratulations to Tag on finding his forever home!

Congratulations to Blake on finding his forever home!

Congratulations to Nacho on finding his forever home!

Congratulations to Fritz on finding his forever home!

Congratulations to Theo on finding his forever home!

Rescue and rehab is very important to me. There are far too many dogs (and other animals) being discarded, bounced from home to home or euthanized often because of behaviour problems that weren't addressed or were told by someone that they couldn't change. I foster some through the SPCA and sometimes other private rescues and I also will take in some myself as a private rescue.


I keep it very small, one dog at a time as it's costly and time consuming, pretty much any extra money that hasn't gone to bills and food for our family, goes to helping other animals. Because it's a private rescue there is no charity number and we don't get any assistance unless clients or friends donate some food, toys, money or other items to help with the dogs (or other animals) coming into our care.


Donations are greatly appreciated and if you would like to do so, it can be done through paypal, I will get a direct link on this page soon but if you're looking to do it now, please email and I will send the account info. Remember being a private rescue, there is no charitable number so no tax deduction.







**Do you run a rescue? Need assistance in the training/rehab of the dogs coming into your care? I'm happy to help if I can! As mentioned earlier, I do foster for the Barrie SPCA quite often as well as do private rescues. I so often am seeing dogs be adopted out or attempting to be adopted out with behaviour issues many of which are quite easily fixed and therefore makes adoption much easier! Depending on situations, some things I'm happy to help for free and if it's something I feel I need to charge for, there will at least be a significant discount. If you would like to discuss this further, please email with any questions! I look forward to helping you save our local dogs!**