At K9 Balance, we offer a variety of services to best help you and your dog as individuals.   Below you'll find our most common services.

To get started, email us to book a consultation so we can discuss your specific situation & how we can best help you improve your relationship & achieve success with your dog.

Puppy Specific Programs

Get the knowledge, guidance and assistance you need to start your puppy off right and on track to raising the balanced adult dog you’re hoping for! Puppies are capable of much more than just doing ‘tricks’ for food for 6 months. They are sponges, they want to learn and they want to be doing something! Yes, puppies have a short attention span, therefore, training sessions are often done 5-15 min at a time rewarded with play and done multiple times throughout the day. Even when we’re not doing specific little obedience sessions, the pup is still always learning what it can and can’t do! In one to two weeks if worked with regularly they are perfectly capable of having a basic understanding of sit, down, drop/leave, come, waiting for food and at doors and starting to walk nicely on leash!

Crate training is extremely important in the puppy training process! This helps them learn to be separate from you sometimes, it helps them learn to hold their bladder, it keeps them safe from things like toxic household items when you cannot supervise, and it gives them a safe place to go if they’re feeling tired or overwhelmed by company or children. Also having a crate trained dog gives you the freedom of traveling to pet friendly locations but keeping them out of trouble in the new room or being able to leave them for boarding places like here!

For examples on what puppies are capable of learning please see the Facebook Page for lots of videos!

Providing the best start to training, socializing & relationship building. Whether a small private program to jump start your puppy manners training or a full puppy/dog raising program, we can help you create the best version of your dog & prevent serious behaviour issues that so many struggle with as their dogs mature.


Ultimate Puppy Program

Ideal for owners who want to raise a well mannered family member that can join family activities (sitting at a café, going hiking, going to festivals).  Build a strong bond and help your pup become the best version of themselves they can be as you guide them into adulthood.

10, one to two hour sessions & 10 day Training days OR Walk & Trains.  For pups starting training between 2 and 5 months


  • Training equipment (remote collar, slip/prong, long line, place cot)

  • written homework/reading material

  • 20% off group classes & workshops.

  • access to pack walks

  • access to boarding 

  • any additional privates or stay & learns discounted


First Steps to a Balanced Foundation

2 week S&L + 2, 1-2hr privates

If all you need is a little help jump starting their manners/ obedience commands. Included: training collar, long line, video clips, 2 privates, homework.  For pups aged 2-5 months.



Puppy Foundation Private Program

4, one to two hour sessions.  Start off on the right paw with essential obedience & proper socializing & communication.  Collar, & written homework/reading material included.  For pups aged 2-5 months.

Farm/Skype/Facetime:  $599

In Home: starting at $899









**Ask us about FINANCING!**

Private Coaching Programs

Our private programs provide you with the tools, guidance & knowledge you need to build a strong relationship with your dog and are tailored to suit your needs.  Learn about how your dog thinks, their drives/instincts/impulses, how to communicate with them clearly and be able to have fun and control.  If you want to have the best relationship possible with the dog you’ve chosen to love & live with, this is a great way to get there!  Just imagine yourself sitting on a patio with your dog laying calmly at your side while people and dogs pass by or out on a hike and your dog begins chasing the rabbit or deer that appears and having the ability to holler at them to come and they do!  You can have that if you want it.  We can help you achieve those things if you’re willing to learn and take some time to apply the work.



Phone Consultation

Phone consults are generally quick to fit in & we can get a very good understanding of the situation & what's required.

$45 – 30-60 min.    FREE – 15-20 min.



In Person (or Skype/FT) Consultation 

In person consultations include some basic training assistance/info to get you started. Prices may increase for serious behaviour consults.

Farm/Skype/Facetime:  $95

In Home: Starting at $200



Intense Behaviour Modification

(Consultation/Training session combo)

Consultation to assess behaviour & which program would be best suited, as well as beginning training for dealing with difficult or dangerous behaviours. 

Starting at $375


Lead Your Walk!

Tired of being yanked around?  If all you want is to have an enjoyable walk, learn to take the lead on your walks & how to make it enjoyable for both of you!  Collar included.

Farm/Skype/Facetime:  $145 

In Home: Starting at $250 (location dependent)



Single Dog Behaviour Coaching Sessions

Begin learning to be your dogs trusted leader & how to get on top of problem behaviours. Training collar & homework/reading material included.

Single approx. 2 hour session

On site/Skype/FaceTime:  $225

In Home:  Starting at $295





Take The Lead

5, one – two hour sessions.  Great for learning how to create a stronger bond with your dog & teaching calm manners, patience/impulse control, leash communication/manners & a reliable recall.




My Chill Dog

10, one to two hour sessions.  Ideal for the committed owner who wants to build a strong bond/relationship as well as control of their dog in any situation meaning they can live a life with freedom & fun while still being able to keep them safe!



Included in your Private Program (not single sessions):

  • Training equipment (Over $600 value):  remote collar, place cot (raised dog bed), slip and/or prong collar, long line

  • Reading material, homework & reminders

  • Access to Balanced boarding

  • Access to pack walks

  • Discounted K9 Balance group classes/workshops

  • Free email/phone support


Stay & Learn Programs

Suitable for dogs 6months & up. Limited spaces available. Our stay & learn programs are great for whatever you need help teaching your dog, solid obedience &/or working through behaviour issues. Private sessions are part of the stay & learn program as well since part of what needs to happen to be successful long term, is you need to learn and rebuild your relationship with your dog. You need to show them that you have the same expectations as we do and things are different than before. You need to change your role from simply their pal to their loved, trusted & respected leader & guide!

All programs are customizable to focus on what you need/want. The foundation work is the same, teaching calming, patience/impulse control, manners,

What makes our Stay & Learn program different & more successful than so many others?

We educate YOU as well as your dog and provide continued LIFETIME support!



Balanced Foundation Stay & Learn

Approx. 3 weeks - This Program is ideal for dogs that don't have any

major behaviour problems & just need to learn manners and solid obedience (including reliable recall)




Complete Stay & Learn

Approx. 4 weeks - This program is very similar to the 3 week but the

extra week provides more time, repetition etc for dogs who are a little

more set in their ways or struggle with intense excitability.




Basic Manners Stay & Learn

Approx. 2 weeks - This program is great for teaching leash

manners, recall foundation and beginning work on minor behaviour issues. 




Behaviour Rehab Programs

Aggression, fear, anxiety

$5800 and up* dependent on severity of issues


INCLUDED with your Stay & Learn program

  • Training equipment (remote collar, slip &/or prong collar, long line, place cot)

  • 2 to 8, 2hr private lessons (dependent on program)

  • Reading Material/homework/reminders

  • Access to balanced boarding

  • Access to Pack Walks

  • Discounted K9 Balance group/workshops for 1 year

  • Follow ups free at farm first year, consult fee after that – consult fee for in home follow ups first year & discounted privates & refresher stay and learns (if needed – usually after major life changes that may affect them negatively) for life of dog

  • Free email/phone support.


**Ask us about FINANCING!**


Day Training, Hikes & Excursions

Our Spaces for this service are very limited and fill quickly.  Please inquire for More info & Availability


Day Training & Farm Hike Days

Single Day ~  $75

Package of 5 ~ $350

Package of 10 ~  $650

Training Excursions

They're with us for the day but we take a trip to Town, village or New location!  

Single Day ~  $120

Package of 5 ~  $550

Package of 10 ~ $1000

Stay & Play   * Available Only If you have Done a Training Program with us *

1 Dog

$75/ day

Additional (same family):  2 Dogs - $125/ day    3 Dogs - $165/ day

Specialized Boarding

For dogs with intensive medical/ geriatric care or dog or human aggression but not in for training program. Please inquire for an accurate quote – consult may be required.

1 Dog  Starting at $100/ day


Blue Mountain Area Ski Season Boarding Pass – Limited Passes Available

Valid Nov. 15th through March 15th, your space is ensured during that time frame. 48 hours notice is required for arrival time. Pick up and drop off at resort is included!

Starting at:




Big Country Raw food:  $3/lb

Frozen PB &/ or Yoghurt Kong:  $2

Raw Marrow or Knuckle bone (limit 2/week):  $3-9 (beef/lamb/pork/kangaroo…)

Movie night (limit 1/week):  $16

Nail trim:  $15

Additional 20 minute Walk/Play (limit 1/day keep in mind, they get 3 a day incl.):  $25

15-20 Minute Massage (limit 1/day):  $20

45 Minute Obedience Training (limit 1/day – can be split into 2, 15 min):  $75

Bath & Blow Dry Before Go Home:  $50 & up

Trip to Groomers **MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE:  Groomer $xx + $50

Personal Coaching & Shadow Programs
Choosing The Right Dog