K9 Balance Blue Mountain

What We Do

Specializing in Dog Behaviour & Relationship building

From Puppy Raising to Serious issues such as Fear, anxiety and aggression.

Any Age or Breed.

K9 Balance is located on 100 acres of fields and hardwood forests on top of Blue Mountain, just 15 min. from Collingwood and an hour from Barrie, Owen Sound and Midland.

Struggling with aggressive behaviour?  Have you been told to kill your dog?  Maybe you're just struggling to enjoy your walks instead of being pulled around?  In any case, we will help you find balance and peace with your best friend so you can fully enjoy being with them!

At K9 Balance, our goal is to communicate with dogs as clearly as possible in a way that makes the most sense to them.  We strive to be as gentle as possible and as firm as necessary while guiding and teaching the desired behaviours we/our clients would like from them.

We have a very balanced training philosophy and focus a lot on relationship based training. This means we work with the dog in front of us in whatever way works best for them.  We work on building a relationship with gentle leash communication and often hand feeding in the beginning, we get to know the individual and help them get to know and trust us.  If they love food, we will use some food to reward as part of the training process (we do not allow dogs to become reliant on food! Your dog should come when called whether you have food or not.), if they love tug, fetch or just some freedom to sniff things, we use those as rewards.  As we go through the process teaching them what we want from them, we then get to the part where we have to correct certain things like trying to go after other dogs on a walk. 

Corrections can be a finger poke, a leash tug, a spray of compressed air, a tap from an ecollar etc.  The level of the correction depends completely on the individual dog as well as the intensity of their behaviour.  Some people confuse corrections with abuse but there is a massive difference.  Intent of the human will determine the difference.  A correction should be quick and matter of fact, no emotion involved.  If you are angry and aggressive, then you will get either fear or aggression coming from the dog and rightfully so.


Leadership is almost always the thing we see missing in people's relationships with their dogs.  For some reason a lot of people seem to mistake leadership for dominance but that's not the same thing either.  Dominance often happens in an aggressive manner, leadership gives clear guidance and direction with a level head.


Dogs need to know what is expected of them in all different situations as well as trust that you can help them when they don't know what to do.  Whether they're fearful and submissive or more confident and controlling, they need leadership to help them be calm and not worry about anything.


What we really want is for us to be the reason our dog wants to listen, we want to be their best friend while also having their respect. There is a balance for this and it's a beautiful thing when you find it!


To understand more about training methods as well as different training tools, please visit these pages.

What makes K9 Balance Unique?


We are constantly trying to improve not just our dog skills and knowledge but also how we can best help our clients.  

Our clients are important to us and many become like extended family, we love having our training dogs come back for regular boarding so we can help continue their progress or up keep the good behaviour.

We provide lifetime support as part of our board and train programs and only work with clients who understand what we've explained to them and will follow through with the homework we lay out for them that is so important for the continued success.

Of course we can get any dog to respond to us and keep them from getting into trouble but it won't stick at home if the rules aren't followed.


Puppies and Training ~ Puppies should start learning their boundaries from the moment they come home! Many people unfortunately wait until the puppy has already been around the house for a couple of months or more and don't teach them anything, let them jump all over everyone and everything because it's cute and little. Well, now they've already learned that this is ok and so it has to be undone which takes a lot longer. Puppies are like sponges! They are very smart and want to learn as well as play so if you start right away with the little things you'll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly they 'soak' everything up! Check out some of the puppy videos to see what happens when you start off right!

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Every dog deserves to live a happy and balanced life, whether they're 2 months or 12 years, it's never too early or too late to give a dog balance and the comfort of having a pack leader! Please give your dog a chance before giving them up simply because you don't understand their behavior!